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VITADIGI is an integrated lifestyle platform that brings vitality to real estate assets including hotels, office buildings and public spaces by augmenting the physical asset via virtual experiences and a multi-dimensional user interface VITADIGI APP that allows customers more opportunities to interact with the property. One of the primary innovations of the VITADIGI system over traditional media platforms is the ability to capture revenues over the entire lifecycle of a real estate asset through a diverse, yet connected suite of products and services. As a holistic management system for real estate, VITADIGI earns fees for advertising and concierge services that are shared over the operating lifecycle of the property with the building owner or investors.

Physical Interface


 VITADIGI Is an Interactive communication system that utilizes a fusion of digital and physical channels 

to empower users with vital information

Media Content


  VITADIGI content interaction is stratified into usable data through a next generation content management system and packaged into hyper local marketing and business development platforms


Joseph Bezzone, Co-Founder



Joseph has excelled over 20 years in the hospitality and downtown redevelopment sectors as Site Acquisitions Expert, Co-Investor, Asset Manager, Operator, Receiver, Developer, Constructor and Project Manager for the industry's leading financial institutions and real estate organizations. Joseph delivers veteran oversight throughout the asset lifecycle, providing expert analysis on project acquisition, positioning and branding through strategic exit. Focused on cash flow profitability, Joseph utilizes a creative mix of traditional and Internet based marketing and operating strategies designed to surpass financial projections, create extraordinary “buzz” and drive consumer traffic with an absolute goal of exceeding proforma expectations.

Christopher Kirwan, Co-Founder



Christopher is a multi-disciplinary professional with expertise combining urban planning, architecture, product design, new media and branding. Currently based in London, he manages the VITADIGI global marketing efforts. and is lead Information architect.  Prior to moving to London, Christopher was based in Beijing where he co-founded the Design Beijing Lab, a technology research initiative at Tsinghua University focused on the integration of physical and digital systems for urban Smart City applications.  In addition to his 30-plus years of professional experience, Christopher has simultaneously taught and lectured in many leading institutions including Harvard University, Parsons School of Design, Henley Business School in the UK. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and performed masters studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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